The Structures in Ragusa



La Dimora di Piazza Carmine

Dimora of Piazza Carmine is in Ragusa's Old Town, the heart of the Baroque and Unesco.
The nineteenth-century building, former seat of the Granary County Modica, is located in the small and charming Piazza Carmine, where time is marked by the bell tower of the ancient Sanctuary of Carmine.


The Struttures in Modica



Ferro Hotel

The Ferro Hotel is a newly built situated in the picturesque and charming town of Modica, exclusive of Sicilian Baroque, today proclaimed heritage of 'UNESCO. The structure created by the renovation of an old dormitory for railway workers, has an exclusive and innovative design, designed to combine the hospitality and comfort of an urban and modern environment with the needs of customers linked to tradition and the past.


The Struttures in Scicli



Palazzo Conti

Palazzo Conti is at the heart of this "Theatre of Stone". Framed between the church of St. John the Evangelist and the church San Michele. The welcoming entrance is characterized by beautiful stone vault and the ladder made entirely of ceramic of Caltagirone.